Newsletter – Issue 1, Spring 2018

2018 is upon us and with it comes the promise of growth and change. As part of our expansion we are excited to launch Martina Murphy Solicitors Quarterly Newsletter (PDF | HTML).

We have specifically designed it to provide clients with up to date practical legal information pertaining to their day to day lives. Whether you are an individual or a small business, we hope there will be something useful for you to peruse.

If you find it useful and think it may benefit someone else you know please share it using the forward link below. If you would like us to address any particular area of law in our next Newsletter, which will be published in Q3’18, please do let us know.

Best wishes,
Martina Murphy Solicitors


Company -v- Sole Trader

The first question any person thinking of setting up a new business should ask is whether they will set it up as a sole trader or whether they will form a limited liability company to run the business on their behalf.

There are key advantages and disadvantages to each and it is worth taking the time deciding
which kind of business entity you wish to set up at the outset.

In this article I will deal with the legal points involved but anyone setting up a business and deciding which route to take should also seek the advice of their accountant.
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The Dawning of a New Era in Family Law

One could say that the signing into law of the Civil Partnership Act, 2010 marks the end of an era in Ireland where only married couples of the opposite sex were afforded rights and duties under our legislation.

The signing into law of the Civil Partnership Act 2010 marks a milestone in family law for this country, expanding rights and duties to couples of the same sex and also offering a redress scheme to those persons who are in a co-habiting arrangement.
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