Wills and Probate

Create certainity for yourself and your loved ones

Why make a will?

It is estimated that 33% of people die without having made a Will. This can often cause hardship for those left behind and can cause long delays in sorting out the deceased’s affairs. Most people intend to make a Will but it’s something that they just never get around to. We make the process of making a Will hassle free and can even call out to you, if you are unable to make it into our office. By making a Will, you decide how your assets are shared out. If you are not married, you can provide properly for your partner as under inheritance law, they will have no automatic right to a share of your estate. A Will allows you to engage in proper estate planning which can minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax (Capital Acquisition Tax) your beneficiaries pay. Above all a Will creates certainty. If you have children, you can plan for who will look after them in event of your passing.

Capital Acquisition Tax

If you receive an inheritance following a death, it may be liable to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). If you receive an inheritance from your spouse or civil partner, the amount you receive is 100% exempt from CAT. These are the rates that apply in 2021:

Threshold A - Children

Tax Free Amount: €335,000

Threshold B - Immediate Family

Tax Free Amount: €32,500

Threshold C - Cousins & Non-relatives

Tax Free Amount: €16,250

The balance of your inheritance is then taxed at a flat rate of 33%.

There are various other tax relieves available such as dwelling house relief, agricultural relief, business relief, favourite nephew/niece relief and for more information on these and to find out if you qualify please make an appointment to come in and discuss this with us.

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